Afrimat’s Construction Materials Conference a resourcing success

From August 24 to 26, 2023, Afrimat held a highly successful conference for its Construction Materials division at the Zebra Country Lodge in Cullinan, just north of Pretoria. This event brought together attendees from across the country for three days of engaging activities, insightful discussions, and shared experiences.

What is Afrimat's Construction Materials division?

Afrimat’s Construction Materials division supplies a wide variety of aggregates and concrete-based products essential for large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects. The division is committed to providing high-quality materials that meet the rigorous standards of the construction industry.

DAY 1: Building Trust and Team Spirit

We welcomed attendees from across the country and kicked off the afternoon with a Circle of Trust activity followed by a motivational talk, and then ended the day with a game drive.

Circle of Trust
We were divided into random groups, each provided with a rope. We then had to form a circle and hold the rope in the air, while one designated team member had to walk the full circle with the help of another team member in the group. The activity was a great icebreaker and encouraged us not only to communicate with each other, but also to establish trust from the get-go.

DAY 2: Learning and Collaboration

We started bright and early with breakfast at 7am, followed by presentations from each cluster. Thereafter, Dr Marlene Dippenaar facilitated sessions focusing on the importance of teamwork under the heading ‘Understanding the Five Dysfunctions of an Effective Team’, followed by group discussions and debates that emphasised trust, healthy debate, accountability and team objectives. Lunch was followed by an operational and pledge discussion.

The day culminated in a potjie-kos competition. We were divided into pre-selected teams. Each team had to choose a name for themselves, come up with a recipe and get creative with their table setting. All the ingredients were provided by the venue.

DAY 3: Synergies and Future Commitments

On the final day of the conference, Andrew Crausaz, Production Manager for Clinker Supplies, shared a story about the synergies that are possible between the North and South Clusters. Thereafter, COO Davin Giles presented a review of the division’s finances. We ended off by making a commitment to contribute positively to the success of the Construction Materials division and were all gifted with a copy of Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Afrimat’s Construction Materials Conference was a resounding success, embodying the spirit of collaboration, trust, and commitment. Through engaging activities, insightful discussions, and shared experiences, attendees emerged energized and united, poised to drive the division forward towards greater heights of achievement.

Want to learn more about Afrimat's Construction Materials products?

Afrimat continually ensures that stone reserves are adequate for the long-term needs of its aggregates division. The company supplies readymix concrete primarily to large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects through fixed and mobile plants.

Interested in exploring Afrimat’s diverse range of aggregates and concrete-based products? Visit our Construction Materials page to learn more and partner with us for your next project. 

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