Assisting to keep Transnet on track

The Vryheid Aggregates team. Back: M Coleman (Quarry Manager), B Simelane, N Mavuso, S Mthembu, P Shabalala, R Kuhl and H Labuschagne (inset). Middle: M Zwane, F Mdlalose, L Simelane, S Mbatha, P Zulu and K Khumalo. Front: B van Deventer, G Shabalala, P Zwane, S Mkhwanazi and C Ndwandwe

In the heart of South Africa, Afrimat has played a crucial role in supporting the nation’s coal export infrastructure. From Q2 2022 to Q3 2023, our KZN Aggregates team dedicated their efforts to the Richards Bay Transnet coal line shutdown, supplying vital ballast and base materials. This line is a backbone for the coal export business, and our contributions have helped alleviate pressure on the region’s road infrastructure.

Afrimat's Contribution

Our team delivered impressive quantities to ensure the project’s success:

The Vryheid team faced significant pressure to meet the critical Transnet order while maintaining service for our regular customers. Their ability to adapt quickly and manage changes effectively was key to our success.

Overcoming challenges

During a crucial stage, the demand for additional G5 material arose unexpectedly. With no stock available at Vryheid, our Ulundi operation stepped in, showcasing the strength of our regional network by delivering an additional 12,000 tons within one week.

Afrimat logistics and transport excellence

A special mention goes to our Logistics and Transport team at the Vryheid regional office. Their efforts in sourcing transport from various regions ensured the timely delivery of materials, overcoming the limitations of relying solely on regular transporters.

Successful completion and recognition

The Transnet shutdown was completed successfully in August 2023. Our KZN team received high praise from Transnet during its annual customer survey, a testament to their dedication and hard work.


What is ballast and why is it important in railway infrastructure?

Ballast is a layer of crushed stone or gravel laid beneath and around railway tracks. It provides stability, facilitates drainage, and supports the weight of the trains.

How is ballast quality ensured to meet railway standards?

Ballast quality is ensured through rigorous testing and adherence to specific standards, including particle size distribution, hardness, and durability to withstand the stresses of railway operations.

How does Afrimat contribute to South Africa's infrastructure projects?

Afrimat supplies essential construction materials and industrial minerals, supporting a variety of infrastructure projects across the country. Our products ensure the durability and stability of roads, railways, and other critical infrastructure.

What other projects has Afrimat been involved in?

Afrimat has been involved in numerous projects, including road construction and commercial developments, contributing to the nation’s economic growth and infrastructure development.


At Afrimat, we take pride in our role as a trusted supplier of construction materials and industrial minerals essential for South Africa’s infrastructure development. 

Explore Afrimat’s Aggregates division to learn more about our wide range of high-quality stone, gravel, and sand products essential for large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

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