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In May 2010 Afrimat acquired the Glen Douglas dolomite mine, which produces an annual output of approximately 1,5 million tonnes of metallurgical dolomite, commercial mining and aggregates and agricultural lime products. Glen Douglas is uniquely positioned to supply customers in the southern parts of Johannesburg, northern Free State and has a formidable presence in the Vaal area.

The mine holds a new order mining licence and has reserves in hand for the next 30 to 40 years.

High levels of metallurgical dolomite are produced at sustainable levels and supplied to the steel industry. The mine can facilitate cheaper transport costs for its customers through a rail siding equipped with a mechanical loading facility.

Glen Douglas produces a wide spectrum of aggregate products, the largest segment served is the Readymix industry. Other segments served are the concrete products and brick making industries. The mine has a strong brand due to its consistent quality and exceptionally low water demand.

Agricultural lime is a premium product and provided to the agricultural industry.

Opened in 1945, the mine is an open pit operation producing from a single excavation sub-divided by a 40 m wide dyke into two pits – the B and C Pits. The C Pit is the main source of the low silica metallurgical dolomite and the B Pit supplies the high silica content sold as an aggregate. Agricultural lime is produced as a by-product from fines collected in settling ponds at the washing and screening plant.