Afrimat believes in creating value not only for its shareholders but also for people in the communities where it operates.

Afrimat adopts a broad-based approach to social responsibility and is committed to expenditure and action in terms of the social and labour plans required by the Department of Minerals and Energy for the Mining & Aggregates division. This is done with the support of relevant stakeholders in the mining areas such as the local municipalities, traditional leaders, education department, employees and other local businesses.

Currently Afrimat's Social and Labour Plans (SLP) is committed to 40 local economic development (LED) projects nationally. The group accordingly undertakes related social development responsibilities with each mining licence such as the establishment of community centres, school facilities, vegetable gardens, salaries of math teachers and infrastructure including roads and drainage. The group targets 1% of profit after tax for social responsibility projects by each subsidiary. An annual progress report in this regard is submitted to the Department of Minerals and Energy.

Adding to the extensive social development programmes in the regions in which the group operates, Afrimat also supports a range of organisations which advance socio-economic circumstances and skills development generally.

The group's concern about the HIV/AIDS pandemic threatening South Africa has led to an active HIV/AIDS awareness drive. Issues relating to the disease are addressed via channels of communication such as the staff newsletter.