Afrimat is committed to integrating genuine transformation that permeates the organisation, and understands this to be critical for the sustainability of its business in South Africa. Each subsidiary has a dedicated BEE Committee which actions the plans and recommendations of the Social, Ethics & Sustainability Committee in this regard, and further proactively drives improvements in all B-BBEE categories.

Of the group's 2 298 strong workforce 81,5% are historically disadvantaged individuals. With these employees in mind, in early 2010 Afrimat widened the pool of eligible participants in the BEE Scheme administered by the Afrimat BEE Trust and established funding vehicles to assist with share subscriptions.


Afrimat’s main BEE partners are African Rainbow Capital Proprietary Limited, Afrimat BEE Trust, benefiting black Afrimat employees, Mega Oils Proprietary Limited and Joe Kalo Investments Proprietary Limited which are both 100% black-owned companies. Black ownership in the group totals 27,10% in line with Mining Charter requirements.

  • Afrimat BEE Trust: 4,64%
  • Mega Oils Proprietary Limited: 2,32%
  • Joe Kalo Investments Proprietary Limited: 0,19%
  • African Rainbow Capital Proprietary Limited: 18,19%

Broad Based Economic Empowerment Certification

Afrimat Aggregates (Eastern Cape) Proprietary Limited
Afrimat Aggregates (KZN) Proprietary Limited
Afrimat Aggregates (Operations) Proprietary Limited
Afrimat Concrete Products Proprietary Limited
Afrimat Contracting International Proprietary Limited
Afrimat Limited
Glen Douglas Dolomite Proprietary Limited
Infrasors Holdings Proprietary Limited