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Afrimat’s Commodities division was established in 2016 with the acquisition of an iron ore mine in the Northern Cape. The division focuses on consistently and reliably supplying quality iron ore and manganese to local and international markets. This is achieved by leveraging the group’s core competencies in uniquely positioned iron ore mines, in terms of quality, size and location.

A recent addition to our bulk commodities division is a high quality Anthracite which is used in the domestic smelter market. The consistent drive towards efficiency and cost effectiveness within its current operations, positions the group well within the iron ore sector.

Bulk Commodities: Products

All ore products manufactured in accordance with customer specifications and sold in terms of the Platts iron ore 62% grade for export. The utilisation of an in-house test laboratory for continuous process control and quality and specification statements are generated by an outsourced accredited laboratory.

  • Top end quality iron ore from Hematite geology +65% Fe
  • Lump and fine fraction product range
  • Siliceous manganese ore
  • Mixed metal manganese ore

Nkomati is an anthracite mine located in Mpumalanga, close to the borders of Mozambique and Eswatini. Nkomati consists of the Mangweni underground and Madadeni opencast sections covering approximately 11 000 hectares. The mine is unique in terms of its location and is able to utilise return loads from Maputo facilities to reduce logistical costs and increase profit generation for the end user.

The operation produces the best anthracite in South Africa and the product is unique due to its low Sulphur content. All run of mine coal is trucked from the respective mining areas to a central processing facility where it is upgraded through a dual-circuit dense medium separation plant.

All products are sold free on truck to the local market for use in their ferroalloy smelters as a high-carbon reductant.

Scientific Composition

Anthracite is a high-rank coal, representing a coal that has been subjected to the highest grade of metamorphism. Anthracite is shiny black, hard and brittle and has the highest fixed-carbon content (approximately 86–98%). Due to its low volatile matter (2–12%), anthracite’s combustion process is slow.

Most anthracites have low-moisture content (about 3–6%) and their heating value is 34.890 KJ/Kg. Anthracite combusts with hot, clean flame, containing low content of sulfur and volatiles. Due to these characteristics, anthracite is sometimes used in domestic applications or other specialized industrial uses that require smokeless fuels (source)

Usage in manufacturing steel

Manganese is used in various combinations as additive to make steel and special alloys that report to a host of modern products. Its excellent wear resistance qualities make it an additive of choice where metal intersects with other elements to be ground down or reduced. With the latest developments in battery and power storage technology, manganese is progressively becoming a strategic product in a “green” environment.

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