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The segment, established in 2022 consists of Green Construction and the Glenover project, which diversifies Afrimat’s exposure to ferrous metals and aligns it to global trends such as the advancement of technology for decarbonisation and food security.

Glenover Phosphate

The project contains three essential businesses:

Fertiliser for agricultural applications

Vermiculite for various applications from industrial to horticulture; and

Potential rare earth elements supporting technological advancements such as high strength permanent magnets and battery technology.

Current reserves of phosphate vermiculite, provide for a resource life of more than 20 years This acquisition further expands the Group’s offerings in line with its diversification strategy.


Office Number: 014 495 5151

Green Construction: Afrimat Hemp

The team has been pioneering the development of the industrial hemp sector locally and across the border into Mozambique.

A major milestone is the Agrément Certification that was awarded to the business for its hempcrete building system.

This not only adds credibility to the product but will enable Afrimat Hemp to supply into the wider general construction market regulated by the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).

Visit the Afrimat Hemp website:

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