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Construction Materials: Cement


Afrimat offers a wide range of cement products to meet the needs of our customers, from general purpose cement to specialised products for high-performance applications.

Cement: Products


Trusted for durability and a perfect finish, Buildcrete general purpose cement is versatile as well as cost-effective. With a level of quality that makes it suitable for almost any project, Buildcrete is engineered to offer superior strength and a better build on site.

DuraBuild Plus

Shape your home with a simple and innovative concrete solution from Lafarge. DuraBuild Plus general purpose cement offers good workability and ease of use without compromising on strength and durability.


RoadCem provides the ultimate solution for modifying various types of soils for roads and earthworks. It uses a specialised cementitious binder that is suitable for a wide range of road stabilisation applications.

Powercrete Plus

Powercrete Plus is designed to be supremely durable and versatile for utmost efficiency on site. Along with its higher long-term strength gain, it offers better response to compaction, more efficient filling of formwork and a superior finish.


Premium quality and high early strength gain make FastCast the ideal choice for demanding construction environments. Brick and block manufacturers can expect consistent performance with a quicker turnaround time and increased output.

Cement: Branches

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