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Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide [Ca(OH)2]) is a colourless crystal or white powder and is produced when quicklime is slaked (hydrated / quenched) with water.
Hydrated Lime

Hydrated Lime: Product Supply

These products are effective in, amongst others, Animal Hygiene, Water Treatment, and Soil Stabilisation.

Hydrated Lime: Branches

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Dolomitic Limestone​, Calcitic Limestone, Dolomite​, Calcite​, Dolomitic Agricultural Lime, Calcitic Agricultural Lime, Pelletised Calcitic Lime, Pelletised Dolomitic Lime​, Pelletised Gypsum​, Granulated Lime​, Sorbent Material​, Quicklime​, Acid Mine Drainage

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