CLC Building & Plaster Lime

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CLC Building and Plaster Lime

Plaster and Mortar mixes.
Type A2P.


Dolomitic Pressure Hydrated Lime

  • COST SAVINGS: Fewer repairs, less maintenance, and faster application.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Adapts to all climates, is weather resistant, and limits the damage caused by moisture and cracking.
  • LASTING DURABILITY: Less susceptibility to hairline cracks and fractures and strengthens over time.
  • GREAT WORKABILITY: Enhanced durability ensures easy application and fills the voids and cracks.
  • CLC lime is a binder with excellent breathable properties, highly recommended for old/heritage building restoration.
  • CLC lime-based plaster and mortars guarantee long-lasting durability and damp-free renovation.

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Afrimat: Head of Communications

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