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This division supplies a wide variety of aggregates and concrete-based products.

Construction Materials: Products

The Aggregates division produces aggregates of a wide variety of sizes and technical specifications, primarily with products including stone, gravel and sand that are used for large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

Afrimat’s proprietary commercial quarries – located in eight of South Africa’s provinces – also supply the majority of raw materials for our concrete products and readymix divisions.

The division supplies concrete primarily to large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects through fixed and mobile readymix plants where concrete is batched on demand and then transported to site by concrete mixer trucks. While the mobile concrete batching can be set up in any part of the country, the fixed plants are based in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Free State and Mpumalanga.

Close to 90% of readymix’s raw material needs (excluding cement) are sourced from the group’s own quarries.

The Concrete Manufacturing Products division operates in Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Free State. Precast factories manufacture concrete bricks, building blocks, brick paving, walling and moulded concrete products of which the majority carry the SABS seal of approval.

Our Products and Services include:

  • Concrete building blocks of various sizes
  • Cement bricks of different shapes, colours and sizes
  • Cement pavers of different shapes, colours and sizes
  • A variety of further precast products
Our Products Include

  • CLC Building and Plaster Lime
    Dolomitic pressure hydrated lime. Type A2P (SANS 523). Plaster and Mortar mixes.

  • Ikalika
    White powder, ready to be mixed with water before application. Interior and exterior lime wash coating for houses, outbuildings, boundary walls etc.

  • Gluex Interior and Exterior Lime
    wash coating for houses, outbuildings, boundary walls etc. White powder, ready to be mixed with water before application.

  • Road Lime
    Hydrated Lime. For soil stabilisation.

Clinker is a lightweight boiler ash aggregate with a high alumina content.

Clinker sand is processed for use in precast masonry units to comply with SANS794 pertaining to soundness, shrinkage, and chemical requirements. CLS clinker sand also classifies as a G6 material.

We have two operating sites:

  1. Emfuleni (near Vereeniging): 26°42’10.1”S 27°55’17.9”E
  2. Vierfontein (near Orkney): 27°06’19.82’’S 26°47’25.37’’E

Coarse product available as per customer specification


At our SA Block precast facility in Redan Gauteng, reclaimed clinker is used in the production process of bricks and blocks as a replacement for manufactured aggregates and sand.

The pozzolanic properties and low relative density of reclaimed clinker reduces both the manufacturing cost and weight per unit.

This allows transporters to increase its payload volume per load which reduces the transport cost per unit, and lowers the labour effort required by bricklayers at the building site.

  • Washed plaster sand
  • Building sand

Dolomite can be defined as a Calcium-Magnesium-Carbonate (formula CaMg(CO3)2), which is utilized extensively in metallurgical applications, and as a construction aggregate.

Metallurgical grade dolomite, with less than 3% silica content (SiO2), is a source of magnesium ore (MgO) utilized as a fluxing agent in iron and steel making, and ferrochrome production.

As a construction aggregate, dolomite has an impressively low water demand, allowing for cement savings in concrete applications. It is also used as a road base material, an aggregate in concrete and asphalt, a railroad ballast, fill-material, and in the production of bricks, blocks, and lintels, etc.

Burnt dolomite is mainly used as metallurgical aggregate in steel production. (Source)

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